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Product Overview

The controlled mobility of the mobile insert is the foundation of the Mobi-C® disc prosthesis. This second generation artificial disc was designed by a team of surgeons specializing in spinal arthroplasty.

Mobi-C has a unique, reliable and patented implantation system: the « Plug & Fit » technology.

It provides you with an ease of use and modularity unequaled in the domain of cervical arthroplasty while preserving the core philosophy of Mobi-C: the restoration of physiological biomechanics with a controlled mobility insert.


Designed to optimize stability

A mobile core

  • Restoring the principle of the instantaneous axis of rotation
  • Secured between the 2 endplates (2 stops on the inferior endplate)


A minimally invasive primary fixation

  • No requiring specific endplate preparation
  • Offering the possiblity to perform multi-level and hybrid implantations

A Design fitting the natural vertebral anatomy.

Optimized bearing surface (Endplates in Cobalt-Chrome and Core in Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene).

A dual-layer coating (porous Titanium and Hydroxyapatite) facilitating the prosthetic endplates osteointegration.


Favored Physiological Biomechanics

  • Restoration of physiological controlled mobility reduces the constraints on the implants as well as the articular facets.
  • The Mobile Core Technology on which Mobi-C is based, allows the core to self-adjust during cervical spine movement encouraging restoration on the instantaneous axis of rotation.

A simple and reproducible surgical technique

  • The prosthesis is delivered pre-assembled on radiolucent jaws, allowing for control of its positioning without dismantling.
  • The single and ergonomic implant holder allow for millimetric antero-posterior adjustment of the implant.

A wide range adapts to all patient anatomies*

Up to 32 combinations from height 4,5 mm.

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