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Product Overview

Our innovative VerteBRIDGE® anchoring technology combined with a mobile core offering controlled mobility provides a unique solution that fulfils two requirements of lumbar arthroplasty: restoring the physiological mobility of the treated segment and optimal positioning of the implant.


Core with controlled mobility

  • The mobile core of Mobidisc® L combines rotation with translation to respect the Instantaneous Centers of Rotation (ICR) and preserve the action of the articular facets.
  • The self-positioning of the core helps restore the physiological mobility of the segment while reducing intra and peri-prosthetic stresses.
  • 4 peripheral stops control the mobility of the polyethylene core within physiological limits and secure the implant.

Easier insertion and positioning

  • The prosthesis can be implanted through a midline or paramedian approach depending on the level treated and the anatomy of the patient for a minimal mobilisation of the vessels.
  • The modular prosthesis holder allows an unrestricted and precise positioning of the prosthesis in the intersomatic space.
  • The millimetric adjustment of the adjustable stop guarantees an optimal positioning before placing the anchoring system.
  • The bevelled prosthetic endplates facilitate insertion while respecting the vertebral endplates.
  • Anchoring is only placed after confirming the optimal positioning of the prosthesis.

VerteBRIDGE® anchoring

  • The self-guided insertion of the anchoring system in the axis of the disc and through the prosthesis holder is secure and minimally invasive.
  • Curved and self-locking plates hold the prosthesis securely in the intersomatic space. The pre-loading on single-use PEEK Classix® chargers avoids any direct handling.
  • Zero-profile anchoring reduces the risk of the implant protuding outside of the intervertebral space.


Adapted to the anatomy of each patient

  • The wide range of dimensions (footprint, height, and lordosis) and plates lengths of the prosthesis means the implant is suitable for all patients and makes procedures with hybrid assemblies much easier.

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