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Product Overview

The SpineTune® TL thoraco-lumbar posterior system combines the flexibility of top-loading polyaxial screw systems and the security of sterile-packaged implants.



+/- 30° polyaxiality

  • The 60° angulation of the screw head offers greater flexibility in per-operative screw positioning in order to adapt the construct to the patient’s anatomy.

Absolute reliability

  • All implants are delivered under sterile packaging ensuring perfect innocuity of the products and absolute control of traceability.

Streamlined design

  • The cylindrical and streamlined screw head design helps reduce construct bulkiness while preserving the polyaxiality.

Optimized anchorage

  • The conical core and constant outer thread association ensures an optimal bone anchorage of the screw along its whole length and allows for height adjustment providing enhanced reliability of the construct.

A stable construct

  • The set screw thread retaining design minimizes cross threading, securing the connection between the rod and the screw.
  • The micro-ridged design of the screw ball and socket head secures the construct’s mechanical stability during polyaxial locking.

Complete range

  • A large range of self-tapping screws, rods and cross connectors, covering a wide spectrum of indications and simplifying the operative technique.

Single Instrument Case

  • The SpineTune TL instrumentation is ergonomic, multifunctional and compact to respond to all kinds of indications with instruments fitting in a single case.

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